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Get your Voucher to fly a Flight simulator (Flight Experience) Now!

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We are doing eVocuhers for all your flights now …. if you get online you can now pay and receive your voucher online ! Click here …

Buy Flight Vouchers for Christmas Christmas is almost on us and, if you’re like many people, you’ve still got a few presents to buy and your stress levels are inching up as time runs out.

So don’t be like everyone else, get a present that’s unique and very distinctive: buy a Flight Experience voucher.

You can call us on 03 9650 0737 or visit us at our simulator in Melbourne city.

Vouchers are available for all our Flight Packages, allowing you to tailor your spend to match your funds available. If you order your voucher before 10:30am, we can give you same day delivery if you want.

You’d better get in quick, though, as Christmas is certainly not far away now.

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Melbourne Flight Simulator - Flight Experience - Opening hours

We are open extra hours

Monday 9am till 9pm

Tuesday 9am till 9pm

Wednesday 9am till 6pm

Thursday 9am till 9pm

Friday 9am till 9pm

Saturday 9am till 6pm

Sunday 9am till 6pm

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Read this to get more information …. good luck !

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We're on YouTube

YouTubeCheck out our new YouTube channel that we’ve set up for you to enjoy. Right now we’re uploading some client testimonials like this one:

We also plan to include some in-cockpit videos that demonstrate some of the famous flights our simulator has to offer, including the right hand turn approach into Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport, the RNP approach to Queenstown, Las Vegas by night and much more.

Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to it

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Last Chance to Win

We’re getting ready to close out our worst flight experience ever competition where the winner will receive a free 30 minute session in our simulator. The entries we’ve received so far have been amazing and describe some terrible flights on commercial airliners.

If you think you have a horror story to tell us, be it screaming kids, broken aircraft, industrial action or unfriendly staff, go to our competition page and put your entry in.

Click here to enter the Worst Flight Experience competition

We’ve had a few common themes to the stories we’ve received, including:

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Clearing the Decks

787 Model

787 Model

Merchandise Sale in Store NOW

We’re having a merchandise sale in our simulator store to help clear out our back office space for some pending changes. Prices on a huge range of great clothing, models, DVDs and much more have been reduced. This is your chance to round out your collection for less than you’d expect.

Come on down to the QV building in Melbourne and pick up a bargin. Items in the sale include:

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Cathay Pacific 747-400 Cockpit Video

DVD CoverIn yet another great cockpit video from the team at Intelligent Television and Video (ITVV), we go aboard a Cathay Pacific 747-400, joining the crew of CX250 as they fly from London’s Heathrow airport (LHR – EGLL) to Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong (HKG – VHHX). In addition to following a flight in a 747-400, this video also provides great training for a flight in our 737 simulator.

The Primary Flight Display in a 747 is very similar to the one from a 737 with similar navigation inputs and effects. In addition, the autopilot controls on the glare shield operate in the same manner as the ones on a 737. By watching the step-by-step descriptions provided in this video, you will definitely improve your knowledge of the systems in our 737 simulator.

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Great Products for Children

Childs Travel Journal If you’re wondering what to buy that little traveller in your life, we have some great gear for children available at our simulator store and online shop. From travel journals to games and even some eye catching luggage, we’re sure to have something to delight a child and maybe even help a parent get through the next family flight.

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Our Simulator is so Authentic, it's CASA Approved

CASA LogoThe Flight Experience replica Boeing 737-800 cockpit is the only entertainment flight simulator that has been approved by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to allow private and commercial pilots to log official flying hours.

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Join our Flying Club and the Sky's the Limit

Flying Club LogoHow would you like to demonstrate your mastery of our 737 flight simulator by flying it solo? Or perhaps taking your friends for a flight, showing them what it’s like to be Captain of a commercial jet liner as you fly it to airports around the world? If you want to have more than just a single flight experience then you should join our Flying Club.

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